Maternity Adventures: Redwood Days

Every couple of days, I’ve taken myself out for a walk at one of the local parks. First, I went to Leona Heights Park. Then, I went to Joaquin Miller Park, which is an Oakland city park, nestled next to Redwood Regional Park. It’s in much better shape than Leona Heights Parks, which a welcome sign, several large picnic areas on a big meadow, a working restroom, and well maintained trails. There are some decent second growth redwoods there along the creek. I took a couple of pictures on my iphone, but they didn’t turn out.

Last Saturday, Laura and I went to Redwood Regional Park, managed by the East Bay Regional Park District. This park is super! They actually had a kiosk with a person in it, who gave us a map! We did pay for parking, but it was only $5. We walked along the creek, where there’s active restoration (non-existent in other parks). We passed the campground, crossed the creek, visited more working restrooms =), passed a small kiddie playground, and walked back on a paved trail on the other side of the creek back to the car. There were two interpretive signs (also non-existent in other parks) about caring for the creek, one in spanish. There was a nice, if too dense, redwood grove. Again, no pictures.

Today, I went to Dimond Park and Dimond Canyon Park. Dimond Park, has some big (looks like they were planted) redwoods, nice playgrounds, and a pool.

Dimond Canyon Park is really pretty. It’s had some restoration done recently. There seems to be active community involvement here. The stream had running water in it. I really like this park, especially for it’s proximity to the Dimond shopping district, and the library (which I visited and finally got my Oakland Library card).

I didn’t realize how much I missed having open space out my back door (just a ten minute drive away) when I was living in the city. I also didn’t realize how much of it was so close when we moved here! What a treat! I’m really looking forward to fully exploring the parks in my neighborhood, that will probably take me a while though because right now a 45 minute walk requires a 60 minute nap!

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