What I found helpful during pregnancy

In no particular order…

Yoga with Jane Austin
30 Minute Pre-natal yoga DVD
Natal Hypnotherapy CDs – for falling asleep
Lots of Pillows!!!! for sleeping comfortably (most of the time) – for side sleeping: one pillow to put my top leg on with the bottom leg straight, one pillow to hug and for belly support, one pillow for my back, two pillows for my head so my shoulder and arm don’t fall asleep.
Pregnancy Tea – to help prevent calf cramps. Scarlet Sage in SF makes a great mix of it.
Snacks – Carrots with Peanut butter, cereal, cucumbers, ice cream, breakfast cookies, BBQ chips
Maternity Leave
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
Romance novels
Reminders that baby’s don’t need lots of stuff
Maternity tops from Old Navy – they have great basics
Maternity Jeans from A Pea in the Pod – I loved these jeans!
A wrap dress – expands with belly
A nice dress
Lots of yoga pants and tank tops
Sports bras
Flip Flops
Acupuncture – helped with all adjustments
Good cries
Listening to my body, and not pushing myself, knowing that each day is entirely different and that one day may or may not resemble any other.
Deep breaths
Massage – to work the kinks out.
Reviva Stretch Mark prevention lotion – Mark approved!
Baby Name Wizard – This book is great because it describes name trends and genres.
A is for Atticus – We read this book in the hospital, and it had most of our favorite names from the Baby Name Wizard.
…and Kitties!

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