What I wish I’d had ready when the baby was born

A comfortable nursing spot – i.e. a glider. It’s soooo comfy. and perfect for rocking us both to sleep.
Baby books – that I’ve actually read. It would have been helpful to have at least skimmed the first several chapters of The Baby Book before he got here.
Ready made meals for (at least) two weeks – I underestimated how hungry I would be and how tired Mark would be. Ready made meals to just heat and eat save multiple lives.
Co-sleeping knowledge and set up.

Actually, that’s about it.
We were otherwise pretty prepared.

Things that have been useful are:
Lots of swaddle blankets, especially stretchy ones.
Nipple shields
Nipple ointment – equal parts miconozole cream, polysporin, and cortisone cream (leave out the cortisone cream after three days)
The number of a lactation consultant (Thank you, Betsy!)
The number of my mid-wife to ask random “Is this normal?” baby questions
Post-partum doula help
Friends to bring us meals
Remembering to actually sleep when the baby sleeps. Which means I’ll be going to bed soon! Good night!

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